Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White people don't have secrets?

Oh, man. Sunday night was crazy.

So, this neighbor guy, Richard, has been coming over a lot and obviously he has a thing for Chelsea. She's been really weirded out by it but didn't really know how to handle it. On Sunday evening he came over with his brother's cousin (or cousin's brother, I forget). Chelsea said she was going to go take a nap. She didn't actually fall asleep, and since I was sitting right outside our room with Richard and Angel (the relative) she got to hear my whole conversation with Richard.

Basically, it consisted of him telling me that Angel was going to be my friend, then my boyfriend, and he was going to date Chelsea!!!

This obviously led to a big fight about how neither of us are going to date any African boys, and anyway Chelsea has a boyfriend (she doesn't, but it's a convenient lie).

I also found out that Angel had apparently fallen in love with me at first sight, which was kind of exciting since that's never happened to me before. =P And I have "strong eyes." And when I said that there were Ugandan women with strong eyes I was told I was mistaken, so I assume that he just likes that I have blue eyes.

Also, he informed me that white people don't have secrets, and that's why our government is not as corrupt as the Ugandan government.

Anyway, we talked to Michael, the volunteer coordinator, about it and we haven't seen Richard since so hopefully he got warned off.

In other news, a new volunteer arrived yesterday and is going to be living in our house since Brin is leaving on Friday. Her name is Michelle, she is from Wisconsin, and she is going to be working at the hospital. She is nice but has a lot of family issues going on at home so she might have to leave early.

Speaking of leaving, we fly out three weeks from today!!! I'm pumped. Uganda has its good moments but I'm getting ready to come home.

This weekend I think I'm going down to Jinja to go white water rafting on the Nile (it starts down here) so that will be an adventure. Hopefully I don't drown, haha. I've never been rafting before so it will be an experience. The owners of the company are from New Zealand, so apparently the meals are very Western and they have dorms we can stay in with showers! That alone is probably going to be worth the cost of rafting. You can also go bungee jumping but I will not be doing that.

Sondra, I'll have to come by and see Brent's new place. The house with James didn't work out? I'm glad you like your job! And we definitely need some mall Chinese asap when I get home, I've been craving orange chicken.


  1. Thank you both for not dating any random Ugandan men/boys. =) HAHA white people don't have secrets and that's why our govn't isn't as corrupt!

    I'm glad you're coming home soon! Let it be known I'm waaaay jealous of you going white water rafting on the Nile. For serious. And I'm getting pretty stoked to see the pictures from your trip! No bungee jumping? Aww that's no fun! (Though I can't blame you lol)

    Brent and I went grocery shopping yesterday. THAT was weird. But he cooked me dinner and it delicious. So I guess everything all worked out =) The house with James put too much stress on Brent and the commute from Alma to Midland was getting to him, it was 40 mins and it wasn't winter yet. I guess I feel better knowing he doesn't have to drive that far when he's tired/in bad weather and it saves him money. Dude, I love my job! The first day I spent the first 3 hours making cotton candy. Yesterday I played baseball, kickball, had a doll show, and did other fun stuff. And there weren't that many kids so I just sat around and tanned! It was amazing. Mmmm orange chicken!

    Stay safe, keep the Ugandan men and malaria away! =) <3

  2. clearly richard's never heard of Nixon...