Friday, June 12, 2009

Walking fast, faces pass and I'm home-bound

And we're going to game seven! Well, I'm not, exactly, since I won't be able to watch it. My dad just informed me via email that the Wings are going to win 3-2... I hope he's right!

It's silly but I've had a couple of bad days in a row and a Stanley Cup win would be a huge pick-me-up! I think the worst of it has passed... my moods here have been very closely tied to how I'm feeling physically, and I was quite dehydrated with an upset stomach. I spent most of yesterday sleeping and have felt better today. In any case we are now 1/3 of the way through our trip, which is an encouraging thought.

We didn't have to go in to work today so we've basically just been reading all day. Tomorrow there is an expedition to Jinja to go rafting on the Nile (it begins down here) but we'll have to see how I'm feeling.

It's becoming harder to avoid the creepers. Yesterday one came in my room while I was laying down and sat on the edge of my bed! Maybe they just think they're being friendly...?

Today has been semi-cool, probably only around 70, which is really nice. The power was out last night, but it came back on today so we had the fan running in our room for a while, which brings it down to a comfortable temperature. Biti also brought us an air freshener for our bathroom, which is helpful.

Sondra, is that the camp that your dad wanted to send your brother to? Taco Bell might not be too bad, I'm sure you get a discount on food.



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  1. So much to tell you! Brent moved to Midland. He has a nice apt over by the mall. He'll move all his stuff Sunday. I got the job at the camp, and it is the camp my dad wants Lewis to go to. On the up side I think I'll be getting paid double when I take him on Monday and Wednesday! I'm going down to Ferris to visit Elisha, it's her 21st. Wish me luck! ;)

    I hope you feel better, I miss you! Although I think I'm saving money by not going shopping with you...but I'd gladly drive out to Saginaw any day. It gets REALLY boring. Before I got the job I got really depressed because I was sitting around doing nothing. Oh I start on Monday. Oh and Lewis wants Brent to teach him how to play hockey! LOL When you come home we're going ice skating. =)