Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over again

I remember saying before I left that I wasn't sure who would win the series but that it would go to seven, so it looks like I was right about that one. If the goalie of the winning team gets the Conn Smythe then I'll be two for two! =] Lord knows Ozzie deserves a Conn Smythe by now.

A couple of the kids are guys, and Kaka is 17 so I guess he's kind of a man. A relative that lives out in a village but is a vet in town lives with us during the week so that the commute isn't as bad. And there are other uncles and things that visit sometimes... but mostly it's just a lot of estrogen, haha.

We are technically here in the rainy season (although it's only rained, like, twice) so there is a lot of fruit and things right now. Tropical fruits don't need as much water to grow, so I would guess that they do pretty well year-round.

It is quite sunny here. Prescription sunglasses would have been a good choice... oh well.

Somehow one of the kids found out that we have a deck of cards so that's been the big thing the last couple of nights. We taught them Go Fish and Crazy 8s and they taught us some Ugandan card game. And then we tried playing Hearts but that didn't go as well. Sharifah and Sarah love playing war but someone has to watch them and mediate because they both try to cheat.

The first night we were playing cards some friend of the family named Richard was there, and he seems pretty informed on Western culture and whatnot so he was asking us about our full names, where we're from, etc. I told him that my middle name is Elizabeth, and Chelsea and I were joking about how I should just go by that because people here can actually say it... and now some of the kids are calling me Liz!

There are lots of varying symptoms for malaria. And apparently if you catch it early it's not a big deal, you just go to the clinic for the day and have some IVs and then it's all better. But I'd still rather not get it.

Yesterday was a public holiday called Heroes Day, so there was no school or work or anything, but our boss invited us to go with him to some land that he is operating for a friend because the friend is in the United States. So we went with him to a tree nursery and got 3000 eucalyptus seedlings and then drove out to one farm and left 1000 of the eucalyptus seedlings and got 1000 pine tree seedlings, then drove to another farm and dropped off the pine trees, and then went to a third farm to drop off the rest of the eucalyptus. We were quite dirty by the end of all this and when we got home Sharifah (who is 8) lectured us about our dirty feet and made us wash them, which was pretty cute.

Basically it's hot every day here, so we try to stay in the shade and if there is a breeze we sit where we can feel it. The grandmas sit on mats outside with the baby kids and they basically migrate around the house as the shadows move. If it rains it does cool down some, but sadly that doesn't happen very often. It's a nice temperature at night, but there are lots of mosquitos even with bug spray and also no light. Last night it was sweltering in our room when we went to bed and a good fifteen degrees cooler outside but we couldn't leave the window open due to mosquitos and neighborhood creepers. I could definitely do with some cold, Michigan weather right now.

Sondra, you aren't really going to name your cat Piddles are you? I mean, I guess it's more creative than Kitten but I think you're just asking for some bathroom problems with that name. =P

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  1. Of course I'm going to call it Piddles! I'm a psych major, it won't have bathroom problems, it'll just be crazy. =) It's really depressing weather wise here...I haven't worn shorts yet and most days I'm in long sleves and sweaters. =( Oh and I'm waiting to hear back about a job at a rec prgram in auburn. It's 4 6hr. days a week. Atleast it's something! *Sigh* I have no dignity- I'm applying at Taco Bell today...

    You should stay away from the Malaria and creepers. Seriously. Can I call you Liz from now on?! What about a Laurena-Liz hybrid? Lizana? Lauriz? Hmm...