Saturday, June 6, 2009

Speaking words of wisdom; let it be...

Boo on the Wings losing games three and four. :-( It's funny because normally I wouldn't be that upset if they lost (they can't win every year, right?) except it's the Pens and their obnoxious fans. Ew. (Excluding the Pens fans that read this blog, they're pretty cool). One of the volunteers that came yesterday, Troy, is from Chicago and is a Blackhawks fan, but he's cheering for Detroit now because us winning will make the 'Hawks look better. =P

I haven't been taking as many pictures as I should, really. But I have a lot of time to take more! I did get a video of some school kids singing to us, which was really cute. Technically the official language in Uganda is English, but people grow up speaking their tribal language and then learn English in school so it's usually nearly incomprehensible. Our host mom speaks pretty good English (probably all the volunteers) and the kids do pretty well. It's good that people speak English because my knowledge of the local language is pretty limited. My first word was "mzungu" which means white person. Little kids run after us yelling mzungu! mzungu! mzuuuuuuuuunguuuuuuu (because they want money... of course being white makes us rich). Our host family doesn't really call me anything because they can't pronounce my name, haha.

I'm glad to hear that the weather finally got nice at home! A brat sounds amazing right now. The only meat we really have a lot of is fish (because Lake Victoria is so close). We did find a supermarket today that sells ice cream! Which was fabulous since it's so hot.

Another of the volunteers was sick with malaria yesterday! Brin had it a couple weeks before we got here. Apparently about half of the volunteers get malaria. The Ugandans think it's no big deal, but I'm still hoping to avoid it. Even if it's not deadly if caught early, the symptoms don't sound fun. I'm also hoping to avoid Chelsea's cold... the whole family already got sick but I'm hoping that my immune system is used to it from when I was sick in April.

Brownie points to Sondra and Connie for leaving comments! I do read them even if I don't respond (the internet here doesn't like responding). I completely forgot that Alan graduated on Thursday. I'm kind of glad that I didn't have to sit through the ceremony. =P

I miss everyone!


  1. Everyone misses you too! =) I completely forgot to even wonder if there was going to be language issues. Oh man. If they can't get Lauren, they'd never get Kassondra eh? lol Is it atleast good ice cream? I mean obviously it's no Ben and Jerry's but it has flavor right? Please don't get Malaria. that'd be great. Yesterday was really nice and warm here. I'm going to a Loons game with Brent tonight, I'm excited. I told him ya'll had to kill a chicken for dinner...he laughed for a good 5 mins. =) Miss you bunches!!! Oh and I'm currently working on getting either my dad or Brent to get me another kitty. I fell in love with a green eyed 10 month old kitten the other day. Wish me luck! <3 Love!

  2. Your family misses you too. :>) I was sitting with your grandma Fran at graduation on Thurs. and she was telling me about attending a seminar at Catholic Federal and the man who designed the 50 star American flag gave a speech about how he came up with the design. After he offered signed and dated American flags for sale. Fran bought one for your dad and one for Uncle Don. I knew the man that designed the flag lived in Thomas Township but didn't know he put on talks and offered flags. Your grandma was kind enough to call and ask if she could get one more for me. I am so excited because she did it and has a flag for me. I'm going to pick it up on Monday. Your Dad and Dee have been working on the house so it looks nice for Alans graduation party next Saturday. I'm making potato salad and your grandma Fran is bringing deviled eggs. I have my finger crossed the weather is good. I love parties. Did you know, we now have a Cold Stone in Saginaw. They put one in Tim Hortons on State Street. We have been over there twice for ice cream. I wish I could package some up and send it to you, but it would be curtled soup by the time it got to Africa. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the Red Wings. So far Pens have been putting up a good fight. May the best team win.(Red Wings) Take care honey.....Love Connie