Monday, June 22, 2009

An inconvenient truth about roaches...

One of those things that the predeparture packet didn't warn us about was cockroaches.

Prior to coming to Africa I had never actually seen a cockroach. I was okay with this. However, our bathroom (you know, the one that is inside of our room and is really only separate because it is eight inches below the level of our room) is infested with roaches.

Fortunately they hide during the day time and all it (usually) takes to make them run away during the night is a flashlight. Also fortunate is the fact that Chelsea and I are not afraid of them. I mean, I don't want to be friends with them but I'm not scared to go to the bathroom or anything- as opposed to Jen and Michelle, who either use the pit latrine out back, or come use our bathroom, when their infestation is threatening them.

Did you know that roaches play dead? That's why it's so hard to scare them away sometimes. You shine the light on them and they stay still, so you think they're dead. Then you step down into the bathroom next to them and they scurry away. Other times they stay where they are until you spill some water on the floor while flushing the toilet (if I haven't posted about that before, we don't have running water in our room so we have to haul in buckets of water from the outdoor tap to fill the commode).

The other night we were having a going away party for Brin, when Troy realized he had stepped on something (in his bare feet, no less). A flashlight revealed it to be a cockroach. We thought he had killed it until he tried to pick it up with some toilet paper, at which point it started scurrying around, in the midst of lots of other people with bare feet (never fear, I had shoes on). Katie eventually squished it with her stool. Don't ever let anyone tell you that life in Africa is uneventful!

The bug issue does mean that while packing to leave I'm going to have to take everything out of my suitcase and turn it upside down to try to get everything out. Brin found a slug in her suitcase while she was packing!

Sondra, I am jealous of your job- it sounds awesome! We should have another shrimp stir fry making night when I come home. And it should also involve dessert. =]

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  1. Ewwww! I don't know if I could handle roaches, you may be a better woman than I! So I was floating around in my pool today and realized something was was you. I miss my bestie! For real. We DO need another shrimp night. We HAVE to have one. I think it's a matter of life and death. Oh and on an unrelated note I am sunburned. It's quite comical actually. There is a rectangle on the top of my back that I missed with sunscreen, it looks dumb. I look dumb, you would laugh. =) Not much to report, it's getting really hot. My dad asked if I'm putting on weight. Haha I might be fat when you come back!!! Soooo what day do you come home? I need to start a countdown =) I love you!!!! And I miss you tons!!!! DON'T GET MALARIA!