Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hey, hey Hockeytown!

Geez, it sounds like I'm fortunate to have been out of the country and not have to watch that game seven. I'm not that annoyed that they lost- they can't win every year- but the Pens fans are going to be absolutely unbearable after this. I'm glad Crosby didn't get the Conn Smythe at least (newsflash, Pens bandwagoners, he's not your best player!). One of my emails about the loss said there was a story on the news about a fan in Pittsburgh that was hyperventilating and said it was the happiest day of her life... she is married with kids... sounds like someone needs to get a life! I'm pumped about next year... I just hope we get rid of Hossa and can keep Hudler, Leino, etc. But in Ken Holland we trust!!! And the Olympics are next year, which will be awesome.

Sarah and Sharifah seem to have made it their personal mission to take care of us. When I took my shower today Sarah asked me multiple times if I had my towel, shampoo, etc. and made me leave my flip flops with her so she could wash them. Sharifah read me some early reading books today, including a Berenstein Bears book! That took me back.

We seem to have finally mastered the fan, so that helps cool things down at night as long as the power stays on. It's not entirely uncommon to have it go on and off. Overall I'd say it's been on 75% of the time. It's only inconvenient at night, because it's pitch black in our room and I hate having to do things by flashlight.

It's occurred to me that I haven't explained anything about the other volunteers. They are:

At Our House:

Room 1- Chelsea and me.

Room 2- Brin and Jen. Brin is the girl that was here before us. She is actually leaving on Friday- I'll miss her. She is very outgoing and was extremely helpful when we first arrived. She also had malaria the week before we got here. Jen has been here for one week now and I haven't seen her much because she's planning on spending her weeks out in a village and her weekends at the house. She is very young and convinced in her (generally uninformed) beliefs.

At The Second House:

Room 1- Serina and Jenny. Serina was here before us and is staying longer. She is a year older than us and is from Kentucky. She is working at the microfinance institution and researching for her senior thesis, which has something do do with development financing. Serina had malaria this week. Jenny is 32 and is a banker from the Netherlands. She speaks almost perfect English but is definitely missing speaking Dutch (it must suck to only be able to speak your second language for a month). She works at a center for women with disabilities.

Room 2- Gwen and Dez. They are med students at University of Alabama and just finished their first year. They are working at the local hospital, primarily in the women's ward. They're both really cool and in general are horrified by how unsanitary the hospital is.

At The Third House:

Room 1- Katie. Katie is from Taiwan and is starting her master's in Public Health at U of M in the fall (Chelsea and I have decided that she needs to learn to play euchre). She is working at an HIV/AIDS clinic but may start helping out at the hospital because there isn't much for her to do at the clinic.

Room 2- Troy. Troy is going to be a senior this fall at... some college in Illinois (where he is from). He is in the process of applying to med schools and is working at the hospital. He is a huge Blackhawks fan and hates Detroit, but I've had some good hockey discussions with him. I think he gets overwhelmed sometimes, being the only boy.

We all hang out pretty regularly... it's nice to be with people that speak English, share a similar culture, and miss the same things.

I have a glass Sprite bottle in my bag, because they actually reuse the glass bottles here! So when I go to the store after this I can take the bottle back for a deposit, which I think is 500 shillings or about fifty cents. But I find it very funny that Uganda has a recycling deposit program and the majority of the US does not.

Sondra, I am all about going ice skating when we get back! We'll have to go spend some of your paychecks, haha. And get mall Chinese (you have no idea how good that sounds right now).


  1. So I just got done with my 1st day of work. It was amazing! I get to hang out with kids all day! =) It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Today's been beautiful, warm (75-77) with a light breeze.

    Mmm mall Chinese! I really haven't had a lot since I've been home. I think it's a Laurena and I thing ;)

    Got Brent all moved it after a crazy night at Elisha's. Yesterday was a looong day. He still needs some things but it looks/functions like an apartment.

    I miss you! I'm going to need some major bestie time when you come back, I have Brent and the family. Ugh. Why would you put me through a summer without you?! =)


  2. Today, I went to a hospital in Uganda, where I'm working as a NGO for the summer. I had a high fever and other symptoms of malaria. They gave me a test and I don't have malaria. I am however sick from the water they gave me to wash down the medication to reduce fever. FML