Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dream about the things to come

Shutout city!!! Take that Pens! I am so glad to hear that Datsyuk is back and up to his usual ridiculousness. Also that Hossa woke up. How funny will it be if the Wings win game six and get the Cup again at Mellon? I think I will have to buy the jersey of whoever gets the gamewinning goal (if they do win). And by "buy" I actually mean I'll put it on my Christmas list.

Some of the family is learning to sort of say "Lauren." I call them by their names, if I know it (there are a lot of people around!). We are living with three sisters and two of the sisters have kids (like, four a piece) plus like three grandmas and an orphaned cousin. And some of the other cousins get dropped off for babysitting during the day. The main host mom is Biti. Her kids are Becca, Kaka, Sharifa, and Baby Dan (not to be confused with Creeper Dan, a neighborhood guy who is a creeper. We also have creeper Joseph). Another sister is named Pamela. She doesn't have any kids or a job and is drunk a lot. I don't know the third sister's name, and her kids are all too little to speak English. They cry a lot though.

You can still get malaria while taking the medication, if you get bit enough. We sleep under mosquito netting and wear lots of bug spray and so far I have only three bites. I know Brin was taking a different medication than me so I'm hoping mine is more effective. Apparently the family is well-versed in the symptoms so they should recognize it.

Meals are overall comprised of some kind of starch- rice, posho (which is mashed up maize and completely flavorless), plaintains, potatoes, that kind of thing. We usually have chicken or fish, sometimes beef. Lots and lots of fruit, usually pineapple or mango. For breakfast we have bread and butter and sometimes hard boiled eggs. Occasionally we get other things like beans or eggplant. Everything is always in larger portions than I can finish and so they're constantly scolding me to eat more. One of my favorite things is getting passion fruit juice- tea and room temperature water gets old. The supermarket with the ice cream also sells juice, I might get some today. The ice cream was good, but not dairy based (I don't think). Which is probably good since I doubt milk is pasteurized here.

We showered outside today! There's a kind of concrete stall thing out in the yard so I hauled a bucket of water out there and bathed in the sun shine. It smelled a lot better than bathing in the bathroom, in any case. We also cleaned up a bit and actually organized our books and things... it only took us a week, haha.

Last night we went to a bar in town and ended up dancing, even though no one really dances here so it was a bunch of mzungus and Kaka dancing to African pop music and old American songs from the 90s- we heard some Celine Dion! It was pretty ridiculous. We have to stay in groups though, especially on the walk home. We are rich mzungus, you know.

It's kind of "cold" here today, maybe only 70 degrees and overcast. I keep hearing thunder but, like all the other storms, I think it will pass to the north. We brought our umbrellas into town just in case.

Sondra, I'm glad Brent is amused by our exploits. I don't think they could say your name either. They do okay with Chelsea but only because they know the football club. What will you name the kitty if you get it?

Connie, I'm so annoyed that I am missing the party and your potato salad. I'm sure it will be a good time. One of my best friends works at that Tim Hortons so I did know about the Coldstone. They actually bought me an ice cream cake the night before I left.


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  1. I am totally going to name it Piddles, if I get it that is. Brent and I went ice skating yesterday, I took Lewis today. I'm proud of myself! After 11 years of not skating I never even fell. =) It looks like I'm stuck babysitting all summer, no job yet. PS- It's June 8th and I'm in jeans, a thermal shirt, a zipup, and the fireplace is on. I hate Michigan. I miss you!!! Come home and be cold with me =)